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Committed to making your brand stand out on the market.

We aim to stand strong to what we believe: ``Rule-Breaking-Projects``.

Yes yes! We and all of our competitors are very creative. How much are YOU willing to risk it?

There are no impossible tasks. Just incompetent professionals.

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“Climbing Mountains Together” is a motto strongly engraved on our work ethics. We believe that uniqueness, values and strong character differentiate brands. Committed to delivering rule-breaking projects and high quality products, we will push boundaries to be different. Let’s climb mountains together!

In a fast changing market, having a modern visual image is crucial for every brand. After 12 years from our last re-branding, we found it necessary to update our logo, branding and packaging. Collaborating with this team has been a very interesting experience since we were part of their creative process. Through such work flow, they managed to properly illustrate our philosophy into our designs.

Antonela Hako

Head of Sales & Marketing | HAKO

Since the beginning, Tirana Training Center has brought to their customers modern methods of teaching foreign languages. This philosophy had to be reflected on our designs and overall image, that is we trusted this project on this specific team. They managed to create a modern, clean and approachable look for our center and made us easily identifiable on the market. This project and other collaborations have had great outcomes.

Fitore Beci

Administrator | Tirana Training Center

As one of the curators of Tirana Design Week 2017 we have organized an inner competition for the design approach of 2017 edition entitled ''Design for an inclusive future''. For several months, several teams have been preparing their concepts and at the final presentation, three winning projects have been selected. The project presented by this team was very well-thought and well-presented. As curatorial team we appreciated that the brand identity of TDW was aligned with the theme of that edition ''inclusivity''. The statement images and design strategy conceived by the team had created a great impact on the audience. Needless to say, that we are really glad to have selected this team and we are sure that the future projects will be as successful as this one!

Dr. Joana Dhiamandi

Curator | Tirana Design Weeks 2017

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